P = Producer

M = Mixer

E = Engineer

M+ = Musician


Lost Lander - Aberdeen M

Howe Gelb - Gathered E M

The Delines - The Imperial P M E M+

Old Unconscious - Sunfort E M

Laura Gibson - Goners P M E M+

Casey Neill and the Norway Rats - Subterrene M M+

Richmond Fontaine - Don’t Skip Out On Me P M E M+

Alela Diane - Cusp E

Old Conscious - Why Something E

Fan - Barton's Den ME

Fan - Fire b/w Disappear ME

Dana Buoy - No One Better ME

John Morgan Askew - Spells PMEM+

Lenore. S/T PMEM+

Sera Cahoone - From Where I Started PMEM+

House Of Wolves - S/T PMEM+

The Delines- Scenic Sessions PMEM+

Laura Gibson - Empire Builder PMEM+

Alela Diane - B-Sides and Scenic Burrows Sessions PMEM+

Alela Diane - About Farwell PMEM+

Neko Case - The Worse Things Get The Harder I Fight E

Richmond Fontaine - You Can't Go Back If There Is No Place To Go PMEM+

Richmond Fontaine - The High Country PME M+

Casey Neill - Subterranean M

Maita - Waterbearer ME

Swansea - Flaws PME

The Dodos - No Color  PME

The Dodos - All Night PME

The Dodos - Visiter PME

The Dodos - Beware of the Maniacs  PME

Peggy Sue - Choir of Echos M

Peggy Sue - Yo Mama (UK/EU Single) PME

Peggy Sue - First Aid M

The Delines Colfax PMEM+

Corin Tucker Band - Kill My Blues  E

Nadine - Georgia Summer M

Rick Bass and Stellarondo S/T E

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen - A Song For Portland ME

Wild Flag - Wild Flag E

Smokey Brights - Hot Candy M

Peggy Sue - Fossils and Other Phantoms PME M+

Hosannas - Picture Him Protecting You M

Camerado - S/T E

Hosannas Thug Life Nicole ME

Pt Juncture WA - Heart to Elk M

Buellton - Silent Partner E

Rebecca Gates - The Float E

House of Wolves - Fold In The Wind PMEM+

Ramona Falls - Prophet M+

Lost Lander DRRT  M

Fred Armisen - The Animal Within Us ME

Everyone Orchestra - The Brooklyn Sessions M

Dear Reader - Idealistic Animals M

Themes - The Phantom M

Rauelsson w/ Peter Broderick - Réplica M

Tu Fawning - Hearts On Hold  M

Peggy Sue - Yo Mama (Single) M

Hosannas - Together PME

Ramona Falls - Intuit  M+

RemoteTreeChildren - Land of Ice And Snow P MEM+

Rebecca Gates - Land of Ice And Snow  ME

Faux Hoax - Your Friends Will Carry You Home P ME M+

Sabrina Velazquez - The Hawk & The Hunter P ME M+

Carcrashlander - Where To Swim M

Mount Analog and Karl Blau - That’s How I Got To Memphis - K Records E

Wow and Flutter - Golden Touch PME

Sons of the Late DC - Better Days M

Pocket - Someone To Run Away From M

Michael McCarthy - Colours M

RemoteTreeChildren Veteran of The Loudness Wars PMEM+

Glen Phillips - Secrets of the New Explorers E M+

IOA - s/t M

MISC - Happiness Is Easy MEM+

Stiff Wiff - Un PME M+

Entertainment Weekly - Now Hear This PME M+

Little Sue - Baby Knows Best PMEM+

Bombs Into You - Metaphorically Yours M

Petracovich - Crepesculo  PMEM+

The Skinnyz - Up! M

Carcrashlander Mountains On Our Backs M E

Tracker - Blankets: Recordings for the Illustrated Novel PMEM+

Tracker - Polk PMEM+

Tracker - Ames PMEM+

Norfolk & Western - Winter Farewell M+

Norfolk & Western - Centrailia M+

Deer or the Doe - California M

Buellton - Avenue of the Flags M+

Dirty Martini - Tea and Revenge PMEM+

Lara Michell - Love the Way You Love MEM+

Model Engine - The Lean Years Tradition M+

Richmond Fontaine - Winnemucca E

Santiago Steps - Okay Okay Okay M

Transmissionary Six - Get Down E

Wasted Tape - goSOLAR M+

Wasted Tape - Hutt M+

Wasted Tape - Lando Calrissian M+

Wasted Tape - Lunch- Music for the Cartoon M+

Wasted Tape - Millennium Falcon M+