C  = Composer/ Original Score

ME = Music Editor

M+ = Musician

R  = Recording

ST = Soundtrack



2018 Phoenix, Or. (dir. Gary Lundgren) C ME M+ R ST

2018 Filch (dir. Kiran Deol) C ME M+ R

2017 Concrete Canvas (dir. Luiz Rodriguez) C ME M+ R

2017 What Lies Upstream (dir. Cullen Hoback) C ME M+ R

2017 Earth Seasoned #gapyear (dir. Molly Kruezman) C ME M+ R

2016 Black Road (dir. Gary Lundgren) C  ME  M+ R

2015 Playing It Cool (dir. Josh Reardon) ST

2015 When Giants Fall (dir. Leslie Griffith) C ME M+ R

2014 Cooped (animated/ dir. Mike A. Smith) C  ME  M+

2013 Terms And Conditions May Apply (dir. Cullen Hoback) C ME  M+

2014 August : Osage County (dir. John Wells) ST

2013 Redwood Highway (dir. Gary Lundgren) C  ME  ST  M+ 

2012 We Grew Wings (dir. Erich Lyttle/ Sarah Henderson) C ME  M+

2012 A Martian Picnic (dir. Patrick Neary) C ME M+

2012 Nightscape: Road Without End (dir. David Edwards) C  ME M+

2012 We Grew Wings (dir. Erich Lyttle/ Sarah Henderson) C ME  M+

2011 Light of Mine (dir. Brett Eichenberger) C  ME M+

2011 There Is No Finish Line (dir. Erich Lyttle/ Sarah Henderson)  C ME  M+

2010 Calvin Marshall (dir. Gary Lundgren) C  ME  M+

2010 How The Fire Fell (dir. EP Davee co-score with Joe Haege) C  ME  M+

2010 Builderman: Bill Bowerman (dir. Erich Lyttle) C ME  M+

2010 Brutal Beauty (dir. Chip Mabry) C ME  M+  

2010 The Find: Claiming Nelscott Reef (dir. Erich Lyttle) C ME  M+

2010 Fred (An animated Short film by Misha Klein) C ME M+

2009 Rip City (dir. Milan Spasic) ST

2008 The Lost Boys: The Tribe (dir. P. J. Pesce) ST

2008 Wow and Flutter (dir. Gary Lundgren) ST




2019 Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hulu) EP. 108 C

2016 Good Behavior (Amazon) EP. 103 ST

2016 Good Behavior (Amazon) EP. 100 ST

2015 Silicon Valley (HBO) EP. 201  ST

2015 Arrow (CW) EP. ST

2014 Silicon Valley (HBO) EP. 108  ST

2014 Silicon Valley (HBO) EP. 106  ST

2014 Rush (Amazon) EP. 108 ST

2014 Arrow (CW) EP. ST

2013 How To Live With Your Parents (for the rest of your life) (ABC) EP. 108 ST

2013 C.S.I. (CBS) EP 14.10  ST

2013 The Tomorrow People (CW) EP 106 ST

2013 Jake And The Neverland Pirates (Disney TV) Season 3  ME   M+ C

2012 Jake And The Neverland Pirates (Disney TV) Season 2  ME  M+ C

2012 16 And Pregnant (MTV) EP 211 ST

2012 Portlandia - (IFC) EP 202 R

2012 Portlandia  - (IFC) EP 204 R

2011 Portlandia  - (IFC) EP 102 R

2011 Criminal Minds (CBS) EP  ST

2010 Make It Or Break It (TNT) EP. FO18

2010 Gates (FOX) EP 111  ST

2010 The Ultimate Ride : Maddo and Millen (Redbull) C ME  M+

2009 The Ultimate Ride : Steve Fisher (Redbull) C ME  M+  

2009 The Ultimate Ride : Shawn White (Redbull/ Starz!) C ME   M+

2009 John From Cincinnati (HBO) EP 105 ST

2009 Deadwood (HBO) EP 312 M+

2009 Bones (FOX) EP 404  ST

2009 Bones (FOX) EP 306  ST

2009 Dirt (FX!) EP 206 ST

2008 Battleground Earth EP 05 ST